What Is An Over 40’s Health Check?

What Is An Over 40's Health Check

In many countries, such as the UK, it is possible to get a free health check when you reach 40 years of age. The health checks are primarily to check your general health. They want to see if you’re at risk of getting serious issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, or kidney disease.

They ask various questions about your lifestyle, diet, and alcohol consumption. You will also have blood tests that will test for various illnesses or signs to be aware of.

You’ll also receive advice on how to reduce the risk of having cardiovascular problems and the simple things you can do to keep the risk low.

How Long Does An Over 40 Health Check Last?

Typically, the test will last around 20-30 minutes in total. It is usually carried out by a healthcare assistant or by a nurse. They ask you a series of questions and you should answer them honestly.

During the health check, you will be weighed and have your blood pressure measured too. Then a blood sample will be taken which will be sent off for testing. The blood test is mainly to test for signs of diabetes or heart conditions.

It’s quite a detailed check that they do but it’s also very standard for everyone. They will give you a lot of advice about keeping fit and healthy and whether you should be changing anything in your current lifestyle.

Where Is It Carried Out?

Depending on the area you live in, it will generally be done at your local GP surgery. But it can also be done at pharmacies too. You will receive a letter when you hit 40 from your doctor that explains what you need to do and where to go.

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How Often Are They Carried Out?

At present, you will be requested to go for a health check every 5 years, once you reach 40. Your health can change very quickly, so it’s highly recommended you go to all your checks and don’t put them off. Finding health problems early can mean they are treated faster and often can be solved without any major issues too.

How Important Are The Health Checks?

As mentioned, finding conditions in the early stages can literally save your life. When the tests were first brought out, more than 2,500 heart attacks or strokes were estimated to have been saved, due to conditions being found and treated.

So it’s very important to have them done, to make sure there is nothing underlying that you don’t know about.

If you are invited for an over 40’s health check, then it is highly recommended that you go. Finding conditions early means you can have the recommended treatment and have a better chance of curing the problem before it gets worse.