Is 40 Too Old to Be A Dad?

Is 40 Too Old to Be A Dad
Men don’t have the same kind of biological clock ticking as women do and biologically can father children from puberty well into old age. Science tells us that male fertility and sperm quality does begin to decline at around 35, making it more difficult to have biological children after that age. So, is 40...

Is 40 Too Old To Become An Entrepreneur? (Brutal Honesty)

Is 40 Too Old To Become An Entrepreneur
When you have been working for most of your life to help someone else become successful you start feeling the grate of life and work on you. In your 20s it might be bad, in your 30s can be tough, but once you reach 40 you may start seriously thinking about doing something better...

9 Great Tips To Know To Retire at 40 [Secrets to Financial Freedom]

9 Great Tips To Know To Retire at 40
We all want to go and live at the beach, the lake, a farm, or even in the bush while drinking ice cold drinks every afternoon and enjoying the views. However, we know we can’t because we have to grind every day and become financially stable adults, we all know we must be. However,...

Is 40 Considered as Middle Aged? (In Today’s Society)

Is 40 Considered as Middle Aged
As you grow older and older you will wonder why you suddenly feel so much different than the people around you. One of the most common things you will wonder is whether or not you have reached middle age, with most people starting to wonder this around age 40. So you must be wondering...

Best Workout For 40 Year Old Man

man high intensity workout
So you've hit the age of 40. But unlike what you might have been thinking, the world hasn't quite ended yet! Age really is just a number but it's also important that we keep ourselves in shape, the older we get. So in this article, we'll discuss the best workout for a 40-year-old man, who...