5 Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Home Remedies For Knee Pain

It’s not just people over 40 that can suffer from knee pain. People of all ages can get pain from their joints, in some cases it can be long term issues but other times might be short term.

The great thing is that many short term knee pain symptoms can be greatly reduced or cured at home. There are many home remedies for knee pain that you can try today, some don’t even require you to buy anything.

So let’s take a look at some of the best knee pain home remedies.

#1 – Exercise

We get it, if you have knee pain then you probably try to reduce the amount of exercise you do, not the other way around. But there’s a huge amount of benefits that exercise has on the joints of the body.

Exercise will strengthen the joints, build strength and this will reduce the amount of pain you are suffering with. If running or jogging is too painful, then you can try exercising in the pool, which won’t put as much pressure on your knees.

#2 – Reduce The Pressure

There are several things you can do every day to reduce the pressure you are putting on your knees. Even when sitting in your favorite chair, if it’s quite low down then you’re going to put a lot of pressure on your knees when you get up. You might want to consider sitting on a cushion or buying a chair that’s higher up.

Keeping your legs moving as often as you can also help. Joints become stiff when they are dormant, so try not to sit down for long periods of time.

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#3 – Lose Weight

If you are overweight, then of course it’s going to affect your joints. The extra pressure you put on them makes them work harder. So, one way to reduce that extra stress on them is to shed some pounds.

Having a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise will do tremendous things for your knee pain. It will reduce any inflammation that the body has built up, which helps all the joints, not just your knees.

You may want to speak with your doctor before starting a new lifestyle change but if you are overweight then they are not going to stop you!

#4 – Take Some Magic Pills

Wait, what? OK, they aren’t really magic but anti-inflammatory medication can really help to reduce the amount of knee pain you have.

Not everyone is comfortable taking medication and that’s fine. You can choose whether it’s for you or not. Your doctor will be able to advise you of any side effects that certain medications may have.

But if you’re happy to take it, then the result will be less inflamed joints which will mean less pain.

#5 – Heat Therapy

Many people get a lot of pain relief by using either hot or cold therapy. This can be done quite easily at home and you can buy special heat pads that you can place around your knee. The heat will relax the muscles around the knee and reduce pain.

Cold therapy also works well and can be as simple as wrapping some ice in a towel or a cloth. Then applying to the area that’s most painful. It will help to reduce inflammation and will lower the pain too.


Those are just 5 home remedies for knee pain that you can try today. The good news is that a lot of knee pain can be cured and you don’t have to suffer with it in silence.

If you’re ever in any doubt, speak with your doctor who can fully examine your knees and give you their opinion on the best way forward.