Will Keto Make You Tired?

Will Keto Make You Tired

Many people see celebrities sharing their results when doing the keto diet and think it’s a brand new weight loss solution. But in reality, the keto diet has been around for decades. It’s a great way to lose weight and to get the body healthier.

But it does have some side effects too, which is what we’ll discuss right now.

Will Keto Make You Tired?

This is one of the most common questions asked because there something called the ‘keto flu’. These are symptoms that some people get when on the diet. They get tired, irritable, have problems sleeping, feel fatigued, and generally just like they have the flu.

Will I Get Bad Breath on Keto?

This is another very common side effect. Many people report they get a bad breath on the keto diet. This is due to the foods being consumed and also when the body goes into the ketosis state. It’s completely normal and just means there are more ketones in the body right now.

Will I Have More Energy In Ketosis?

Whilst some people report they feel tired, others who push through those symptoms say they actually feel even more energized and alert. But this will only happen once the body gets used to being in a ketosis state. And it’s caused because of the increased levels of ketones.

Some Tips To Help Battle Keto Fatigue

If you do feel tired when on the diet, there are some things you can do to help, so let’s check them out.

  • Add More Salt

When the body is in ketosis, it can lose electrolytes. One of these is salt. If you don’t have enough salt then you will almost certainly feel tired. But if you add some salt into your daily food and drinks, then it can bring those levels back up and remove the tiredness. Just a pinch is enough, don’t get carried away!

  • Drink More Water

You have to drink a lot of water, when on this diet. That will help the body to keep the electrolyte levels high. Especially in the first 7 days, you will need to drink a lot more than usual. At least 2-3 liters of water every single day.

28 Day Keto

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  • Walk Before You Can Run

Whilst the diet recommends an instant reduction in carb levels, some people find this too much and can’t get over the tiredness. Instead, you can reduce the carb levels you eat by a smaller amount and keep decreasing them over time. Ease yourself into the plan and you’ll find it easier to stick to.

  • Have More Fat

That’s 3 words you wouldn’t normally hear on a diet plan! But, if you add more fat to your daily intake it can prevent the body from going into starvation mode. Just like with salt, you don’t need to start eating butter out of the tub, just add a small amount of extra oil, butter, or coconut oil into your meals.

coconut oil

  • Watch The Exercise

Naturally, exercise is a good thing. But because you are changing your nutrition completely, you don’t want to push too hard when exercising. Start slow and see how it affects your body. You’ll soon know if you are doing too much.


When people ask the question; Will keto make you tired? The answer is there’s a good chance it will. Your body needs to adjust and adapt to the changes you make. But there are things you can do to help, which we have just mentioned.

It’s all about evolving and changing things as you progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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