Beyond 40 Lean Belly 3X Review

Obesity is one of the deadliest curses of modernization. Lean and thin people might not find it troublesome, but those who struggle to reduce a pound of weight know the reality of it. Sometimes, the weight cannot be controlled by proper diet or exercise, especially for middle-aged people. That’s why weight reduction supplements are gaining popularity every day.

Lean Belly 3X by Beyond 40 is one of the top weight reduction supplements in the US. It is clinically proven; FDA approved and works better than any other supplements in the market. It has a unique mechanism of action with little to no side effects. Plus, it’s affordable and works fast.

In this article, I am going to explicitly describe everything that you might want to know about Lean Belly 3X. It’s okay to be skeptical about products like that. That’s why I’m going to talk about how it works, its benefits, and much more so that you can decide whether you should be getting it. Stick with me till the end if you are looking for a comprehensive review of Beyond 40 Lean Belly 3X.

Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight by Diet and Exercise

The common concept behind weight loss and gain is the burning and intake of calories. This being said, there are numerous cases where proper diet control and physical exercise are providing the results people are looking for. There are lots of reasons for that. In the following, I am going to discuss some of those cases.

Altered Metabolism

Metabolism is a broad term. To be on point, it means the breakdown and production of large molecules in our body. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) plays a vital role in weight gain and reduction. BMR is the amount of energy required to keep all bodily mechanisms functional at a resting stage.

If your BMR is low, this means your body loses less energy when at rest, compared to others. And we all know that energy derives from fat. This usually occurs in people aged over 40. Due to this metabolic change, it becomes difficult to lose weight. Elderly people can’t lose weight as easily as young people can.

Hormonal Imbalance

Any type of hormonal imbalance is difficult to control. The most common example can be Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus. In type-2 diabetes, the body becomes resistant to insulin. As a result, our body produces more insulin to compensate for the condition.

Insulin deposits fat into fat cells. In this condition reducing body weight can be near impossible. This is why many diabetic patients find it hard to manage their weight.


Aging metabolism is a serious condition that hinders weight control. In old age, the activity of LPL increases. LPL facilitates fat deposition in the body. Increased activity of this enzyme makes weight control more difficult than it already is.

Faulty Enzymatic Activity

Sometimes it’s not just the age. LPL dysfunction can occur for various other reasons or none at all. In those cases, whatever your age might be, you may be suffering from lowering your body weight due to increased absorption of fat.

The Lean Belly 3X helps to fix these issues by rejuvenating the bodily functions that help you with your goals of losing weight. But what is it, and how does it actually work? Let’s learn about that.


What is Lean Belly 3X?

Lean Belly 40 is a weight-reducing solution. It is very efficient at reducing body weight without doing any harm. It is very helpful for people over 40 who are having a tough time losing their weight.  It does not require any drastic modification to diet or lifestyle. All you need to do is to take the supplement as indicated and wait for the result.

Lean Belly 3X’s effectiveness is scientifically proven. It is formulated by renowned fitness trainers. Beyond 40, the manufacturer behind this revolutionary weight loss solution, is a dietary supplement company from Michigan with an FDA approved laboratory. The results of Lean Belly 3X are evident.

Other weight loss supplements in the market may work, but not as good as Lean Belly 3X. Those other supplements work on the metabolic process. But they do not focus on the root cause, which is the enzymatic activity. Lean Belly 3X focuses on the root cause, ensuring long-term success for the consumer. It is also free from any artificial harmful chemical.

Lean Belly 3X does not contain any caffeine or any herbal formulas that might cause side effects. It was extensively tested before releasing in the market. Lean Belly 3X depends on all-natural ingredients to help you fight excess weight. It is also free from any kind of allergen, preservatives, and stimulants.

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients that are used to make Lean Belly 3X:

Safflower Oil

With every dose of Lean Belly 3X, you get 1500 milligrams of safflower oil. Safflower Oil has amazing weight loss properties. It removes any blockage from blood vessels and fortifies them. It also lowers blood sugar, which is helpful for diabetic patients. Plus, it’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It improves overall cardiovascular health.

Safflower seed oil is a rich source of linoleic acid, which is the key component to reduce body fats. Linoleic acid is our main hero here that plays a vital role to reduce body fat without any vigorous training and diet modification. There is a detailed mechanism of action of linoleic acid, which we will get into later.


Bioperine is extracted from black peppers. It is a formulation of Piperine in a more bioavailable form. It is also more potent than Piperine. It has a high antioxidant property and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very helpful to reduce blood sugar. Thus, helping patients with type-2 diabetes.

In Lean Belly 3X, Bioperine helps to absorb linoleic acid in both the free form and from safflower oil. Bioperine also removes free radicals from the body and mitigates any risks posed by them. It is also very helpful for women who are prone to breast cancer. A total of 5 grams of Bioperine is used in the formula.


Glycerin is used to improve digestion, absorption, and metabolism. It also has great antioxidant properties. Besides glycerin, a small amount of purified water, color, and gelatin are used in the formula.

LeanBelly 3X

How Does Lean Belly 3X Work?

There is a time, particularly when you get older, when diet control and intense exercise aren’t enough to burn fat and reduce body weight. This is because of alterations in metabolic processes due to enzymatic changes. Lean Belly 3X works directly on those enzymes to revert their effects on metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

There is an enzyme in our body called LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase). It is responsible for fat deposition in visceral tissues. With increasing age, the activity of this enzyme also increases. It becomes hyperactive and works both ways. It decreases fat burning and increases fat deposition. So, all the exercise and diet control end up in vain.

CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) limits the activity of the LPL enzyme. CLA in Lean Belly 3X formula is absorbed in your body with the help of Bioperine. Then it blocks the enzymatic activity and redirects excess fats into triglycerides. Then the triglycerides are sent to different body tissues for energy burning.

Linoleic acid also adjusts the insulin activity in the body. In old age, cells become insulin resistant. So, beta cells of the pancreas produce more insulin. This hormone is responsible for fat deposition in adipose tissues. Linoleic acid adjusts insulin secretion and eliminates any excess insulin, thus decreasing fat deposition and reducing body weight.

Why Should You Take Lean Belly 3X?

Beyond 40 Lean Belly 3X Review

Now, this is important as many people might think that it is only for elderly people. But the fact is, it is not. This wonderous weight reduction solution is for everybody. Let me make it clear to you why you should take Lean Belly 3X:

If You Are Over 40

Controlling body weight in old age becomes a hectic task. You become lethargic and your strength and stamina decline. Even if you can go to the gym regularly and exercise, the excess fats shall persist. This is because of the increasing activity of the LPL enzyme, which prevents fats from breaking down.

Lean Belly 3X targets this exact type of situation. This formula is rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which prevents the mischievous act of lipoprotein lipase enzyme. It breaks down fat more effectively and lets them burn down by the body’s own physiological mechanisms.

If You Want to Get into Ideal Shape

A perfect body is a dream of many. People watch perfect bodies of models on the television screen and lose themselves in the dream of having their own. There’s no shame in it. A fit body will give you confidence in your day-to-day lifestyle. Plus, a perfect body is beneficial to health.

Lean Belly 3X is here for you to achieve that dream. You don’t have to attend the gym regularly or undergo strenuous exercise. You don’t have to refrain from your favorite dessert. All you need to do is trust this magical formula and take your required dosage regularly. You will be in perfect shape in no time.

If You Have a Busy Schedule

You don’t have to be over 40 or have a faulty metabolic activity to fail at losing weight. There are two lifestyle changes that you must adopt first before taking any formulation. One is a controlled diet and the second is exercise. However, if you are too busy with your job or entrepreneurship, regular exercise might become a burden.

In a busy life, being picky about food is also a luxury. Lean Belly 3X can be your rescuer in such situations. You can stick to your busy schedule while this weight reduction formula does its job silently. Just don’t give up and wait for the results. You won’t be disappointed.

If You Are a Foodie

Rejecting a succulent dish is a tough job, especially for those who thrive on delicacies. Restaurants with exotic foods and shiny advertisements are enough to drive you craving for your favorite item. Although, if you have a healthy metabolism and a lean body, being a foodie won’t hurt you much.

If your body weight is more than it should be, being a food lover can be a curse. Plus, if your metabolism is bad, or you are over 40; your food addiction can be lethal. Lean Belly 3X lets you eat all the food you want. It regulates fat metabolism and reduces body weight while you take another bite from your favorite pizza.

If You Have Any Medical Condition

You might have any kind of medical condition that does not allow you to do the required exercise. You may be an asthmatic or a COPD patient. You might have joint pain or a heart condition that does not let you do cardio. There can be a lot of associated conditions that make it more difficult to lose weight.

Lean Belly 3X can work by bypassing any medical conditions. It is clinically proven to not have any adverse effects on any system. It is friendly to kidneys and other organs. You can take this without any worries and get desired results very soon.

Benefits of Using Lean Belly 3X


There are tons of other weight-reducing solutions available in the market. So, what makes Lean Belly 3X any different from others? Let’s take a look at some unique features offered by this amazing product:

No Hard and Fast Lifestyle

You won’t have to maintain any hard and fast lifestyle. You can be yourself while taking this solution. It works independently and isn’t affected by your diet or physical labor. You can have your favorite dish or sleep all you want without worrying. There’s no need to maintain a military-like lifestyle.

As a regular job holder, or a student, or a retired serviceman; having a strict schedule can be tiresome. So, leave that tiresome option and let Lean Belly 3X do its job. It won’t fail you.

Fast Result

Although it doesn’t work super-fast, it works faster than many other supplements in the market. Once you start to take it regularly, you will see results in about 2 months.

Although it partly depends on your lifestyles like diet, age, hormone, and other factors, ± 60 days is the average time it takes to make any noticeable difference.

Lose Belly Fat

The belly is the toughest part of the body to lose fat. Our abdomen has more fat cells than any other part of the body. The belly becomes the most accentuated part of the body, even if you have a little body fat. This is why once you start to eat a lot and resort to a sedentary lifestyle, the first part of the body to gain fat is the belly.

Lean Belly 3X works like a charm in reducing these hardy fats. It attacks the fat cells of your body directly and causes them to emulsify, breaking down into small molecules of triglycerides. These triglyceride molecules are then spent in other bodily functions that require energy. You won’t believe how well it cuts down belly fats unless you see the results.

Helps in Other Age-Related Conditions

Lean Belly 3X is full of natural ingredients like safflower oil, Bioperine, etc. Besides contributing to body weight reduction, these ingredients have other roles as well. Safflower oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Bioperine reduces blood sugar significantly. This is particularly helpful for diabetic patients. So, taking Lean Belly 3X will contribute to other medical conditions and reduce your medical bills as well.

Safe for Your Body

You might be skeptical about the safety of this supplement, and I don’t blame you. There are tons of weight reduction supplements on the market that are full of harmful chemicals. They reduce weight, but do more harm than good at doing so.

Lean Belly 3X is produced from completely natural ingredients. It does not contain any harmful preservatives or additives. It’s manufactured in a sterile environment under strict observation. Beyond ’40s laboratory is FDA approved and GMP certified. It leaves your body systems completely unharmed during the weight loss process.

Money-back Guarantee

Lean Belly 3X works and it’s proven. But you might have used numerous other weight loss solutions in failed attempts. So, it’s normal to be a little skeptical about the safety of your investment. Keeping that in mind, beyond 40 offers 60 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


Reducing weight is a tough journey. Proper dieting and regular exercise might feel like torture if you are not accustomed to it. Even then, these efforts do not bring fruit due to inevitable bodily conditions. If your metabolism is non-cooperative, you might have to seek refuge in fat-burning supplements. But failure to choose the right ones can be dreadful.

Lean Belly 3X by Beyond 40 is here to relieve you from that anxiety by helping you rejuvenate your metabolic functions and reduce fat absorption. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself Beyond 40 Lean Belly 3X and start losing weight today.